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3Beep is an American recording studio founded in New York City.


3Beep is a New York-based recording studio created by former employees from DuArt Film and Video. Its co-founder, Charles Darby, is known for producing The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1991-1996). They have done dubbing for a number of anime and animation titles over the years. 3Beep dubbed the first and second seasons of World of Winx (2016-2017) and will dub future seasons of Winx Club (2004-present).

Involvement in Winx Club

3Beep worked with DuArt Film and Video to dub Season 1 of World of Winx. When Season 2 of World of Winx premiered, its credits revealed dubbing by only 3Beep, taking over DuArt Film and Video's position as co-dubber. The company would continue to dub Season 8 of Winx Club in April 2019.[1]

Dubbing by 3Beep