3Beep is an American recording studio founded in New York City.


3Beep is a New York based recording studio created when employees from DuArt Film and Video split off and created their own company. They have done dubbing for a number of anime and animation titles over the years. They also specialize in production as well as dubbing. 3Beep dubbed the first and second seasons of World of Winx and will dub future seasons of Winx Club.

Involvement in Winx Club

3Beep worked with DuArt Film and Video to dub Season 1 of World of Winx. When Season 2 of World of Winx premiered, its credits revealed dubbing by only 3Beep, taking over DuArt Film and Video's position as co-dubber. The company would continue to dub Season 8 of Winx Club.

Dubbing by 3Beep

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