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Abrupto is a citizen of Downland and Princess Amentia's guard.


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He is very mean-spirited, especially toward Sponsus. He takes any oppourtunity he can to stop Sponsus from talking and seems rather uninterested about what he has to say. He does not help Sponsus up when he falls, showing Abrupto's dislike of him.


Season 2

In "Princess Amentia," he and Sponsus discover Brandon and Stella in the caves of Downland. They transport them to a place to help Stella recover from her lack of sunlight. On the way there, Abrupto becomes annoyed with Sponsus as he keeps talking about the crystals in the caves. He exclaims that Sponsus is the only person who believes his own theories about the crystals. As Sponsus mentions his love for Amentia, he stops him and says that he must not continue as he does not want to hear of the princess.

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  • His name comes from the Latin word "abruptus", meaning "broken off, ending suddenly."
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