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Ace is the host of the reality talent show, WOW. He also acts akin to that of the Winx's boss throughout Season 1 of World of Winx.


Ace has light pink skin, a very angular face, gray hair with white flocks and a matching goatee. He wears a cream shirt with a lifted collar, an indigo tie with white embroidery, a purple hexagon gem affixed to the top, a lilac cloth behind it. His blazer has stripes of black and bluish gray, purple tabs, cuffs with gold embroidery, and a strip on the back with six golden buttons. He wears gray slim jeans and brown boots with gold snake patterns and lavender gems on each side.


On TV, Ace appears to be nice, friendly, and flamboyant. But in reality, he is very greedy, selfish, and easily agitated.

With the Winx, Ace acts bossy and they say he is annoying. It is not known if Ace really appreciates or wants the Winx.

World of Winx

Season 1

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#156: The Talent Show

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  • Ace's voice actor has also voiced Darkar in the 4Kids dub.
  • As shown at the end of "The Fashion Week," Ace is bald.
  • Ace is modeled after the Italian singer-songwriter Marco Castoldi (better known as Morgan), who was a judge on the music talent competition show X Factor.
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