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The city of Adquistes

Adquistes is a commercial city near the Resort Realm. It is where the Winx and the Specialists picked up their skiing and camping gear before heading off on their assigned vacation in the Wildlands.


Adquistes is looked in a lush green valley, it is circular in its overall shape, with walls, building structures of tan, blue and gold colors. It has a very architectural feel to it. 


Season 2


Before heading to the Wildlands, the Winx and the Specialists head for Adquistes to shop for their gear. Flora was debating on which coat she should get, because she liked one of them but was also worried if it was not warm enough. Stella claimed that her fashion choices will probably not save her life and Aisha defends Flora.


Flora deciding on which coat to buy

While Bloom was looking at a coat she had picked out, Sky vented out his frustration to Brandon about Bloom snapping at him.

Musa tries on a hat and asks for Riven's opinion on it, though his rather emotionless opinions irritated Musa and she ended up throwing her hat at him.

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