Agador Box - Episode 318
The Agador Box is a magical box that debuts in Season 3.


The Agador Box has the power to contain any spell inside of it.


Its a gold colored box, with the sides at each corner looking like a fairy.



Valtor - Episode 318

Valtor fleeing with the box.

In "Valtor's Box," Valtor steals the box from the Museum of Magix with the help of the Trix.

In "At the Last Moment," Valtor opens the box and treasures begin to fly out of it due to Stormy's wind spell, but he is able to catch them.

In "The Pixies' Charge," Valtor is seen holding the box as he materializes in front of the Trix and the pixies during their fight. Later, Faragonda says that thanks to Digit's efforts, Alfea knows that Valtor is still in possession of the box.

In "The Red Tower," a flashback to the events of the Museum of Magic is seen when Tecna mentions Ophir is the reason Valtor got away with the box.

In "The Wizards' Challenge," Valtor holds the box as he expresses his dissatisfaction with the current situation between himself and the Winx. He says that he has to remain on the run from his enemies despite all the power contained in the box. He then proclaims that with all the magic treasures he has yet to gather and those already contained in the box, he will prevail over his enemies.

Later, Valtor brings the box containing all his magic power to Lake Roccaluce with him as Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin gather for the impending duel Valtor challenged them to. Valtor proclaims that he has brought the box as a show of good faith, and that should they defeat him, he will restore the power of all the worlds of which he has drained magic.

Agador Box - Episode 325

The Spell of the Elements releasing from the Agador Box.

In "Wizard's Anger," Valtor releases the Spell of the Elements from the box, wreaking havoc on all of Magix. Later, Bloom uses her Fairy Dust to remove Valtor's Mark from the box, releasing most of the spells contained in it, which return to their respective homes. The only spell to remain with Valtor is the Spell of the Elements.

Faragonda, Aisha - Episode 401

Faragonda gives the Winx their gifts.

In "The Fairy Hunters," Faragonda presents the box to the Winx. Inside are six keys to the Hall of Enchantments, each one resembling a pair of one of the girl's Enchantix wings.

In "Morgana's Secrets," the box is seen in a flashback to Valtor attacking Nabu in the Museum of Magix.


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