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Aisha's Guardian of Sirenix is one of the Guardians of Sirenix featured in Season 5 and 6.


She has turquoise hair, violet eyes and dark turquoise eyelashes. She has pale-turquoise skin and and a pale-purple shell on her forehead. She wears a purple and turquoise shell shaped top. Her tail is turquoise with light pink ribbons on it. On her right arm she also wears pale-pink ribbons.

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Aisha's Sirenix Guardian is the most informal Sirenix Guardian among the six. In "Faraway Reflections," when the Winx are trying to find the Eye of Inspiration, Aisha unleashed her Sirenix Guardian. Her Guardian of Sirenix said "duh" at the end of her riddle. Just like her fellow Guardians of Sirenix, she is wise enough to know the desire of Aisha: To save Nereus' life.


In "Sirenix," she and the other Guardians used their power to open the Sirenix Gate. In "Faraway Reflections," Aisha called upon her to ask her where the Eye of Inspiration was. In "Battle for the Infinite Ocean," she granted Aisha's Sirenix wish to revive Nereus.

In "Inspiration of Sirenix," she and the other Guardians were asked how Daphne could regain her Sirenix powers. They told the Winx that the only way in which Daphne's powers could be restored: The Inspiration of Sirenix.


  • She is the only Guardian of Sirenix who appears in the Infinite Ocean, as well as the only Guardian of Sirenix to appear in 3D.
  • She is the only Guardian who was not summoned during the Winx's quest to earn Sirenix.
  • Aisha's Guardian of Sirenix voice actress also voices Vanessa and Eldora in the Nickelodeon dub.
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