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Alexandria is a city in Egypt, on Earth.


Alexandria is a city found near the coast. It has a long history and was once the site of the lost Library of Alexandria. Alexandria is now a modern city with modern roads and buildings and many tourists go there to visit the ancient Egyptian monuments as well as the sandy beaches found near the town.



The lost Library of Alexandria was once found in the city in ancient times and Eldora was the guardian of the Library. It was allegedly destroyed in a fire long ago but it was in fact hidden and only a few people, including Eldora, knew where it was.

Season 6

The Winx, Pixies, Daphne and three Alfea students, Evy, Carol and Lorie (who are in fact the Trix in disguise) go to Egypt to find Eldora's Diary to find a way to seal the Legendarium forever. They disguise themselves as tourists and go on a hot air balloon trip to find the Library of Alexandria where the diary is found. There they are attacked by Mummies summoned from the Legendarium by Selina but thanks to the Pixies, the Mummies are defeated. When the Winx start searching for the diary, the Trix order Selina to summon the Sphinx who attacks the city of Alexandria, scaring the tourists and the city's inhabitants. The Winx attempt to fight it in vain and the Sphinx chases them through the desert. It then tells the Winx that they will have to solve its riddle. Chatta finally solves the riddle and the Sphinx returns to its original location and becomes a lifeless statue again.


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