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The Alfea Aviary is a location introduced in Season 5.


The Alfea Aviary can be accessed via magical means. It is a giant open-air garden where giant flowers and giant birds, such as the Giant Eagles, can be found. Those inside cannot use magic spells, so they are forced to understand the inhabitants for survival.


Season 5

The golden eagles.

In "The Problems of Love," Palladium sends the Winx into the Alfea Aviary for training, letting them know that their powers will be diminished upon entry. There they find giant golden eagles and they have to hide in the aviary's flowers. Later, inspired by a red flower, Stella creates a red dress for Flora, who is trying to feed an eagle. Scared by the dress, the eagle flies away and a giant red eagle comes and carries Flora away. The Winx then ride the golden eagles to catch up to her and Stella creates red flowers in the air to entice the red eagle carrying Flora. The red eagle then drops Flora who is caught by Stella.


  • In Season 7, upon entering the Secret Garden, a place very similar to the Alfea Aviary, in the Alfea of the past, Stella mentions that she has not been there for a long time, so the two locations may be the same.
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