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The Alfea Champions are legendary fairies of Magix that were introduced in Season 6.


Alfea CHampions
The Alfea Champions were famous fairies, who have achieved so many feats. They are a group of three fairies: Ress of the Flame, Chevonne of the Water and Farcelia of the Wind. According to Daphne, they are the strongest fairies in Magix history, so strong that they refused to bond with the pixies. They were mentioned in the Legendarium:
Three famous fairies, whose feats have been passed on from generations.


Ress of the Flame

She has tan skin and long orange hair. Her dress is mainly orange. Her top is hanged on her neck. She has armlets and bracelets. She also wears an orange skirt that is below the knee. Some of her hair is pulled behind her head and is tied.

Shavon of the Water

She has light blue skin and long blue hair, which is tied as a ponytail. Her dress is mainly bluish purple. She wears a strapless, long, blue gown. She has cloth hanging on her arms.

Farcelia of the Wind

She has light turquoise skin and medium long turquoise hair which is back-tied. Her dress is mainly light turquoise. er dress is tied onto a ring on her neck and it shows her belly button. She also has armlets and bracelets. Her skirt is just above the knee. Some excess cloth from the skirt are at the back. She wears anklets and no footwear.


Season 6

In the "Legendary Duel", Selina unleashed the Alfea Champions to defeat the fairies of Alfea. But with the Alfea fairies bonding with the Pixies, they were able to defeat the Alfea Champions.

Magical Abilities

Like ordinary fairies, they can fly. They also possess powerful elemental abilities: Ress has the ability to shoot blazing flames, Chevonne is able to shoot water from her hands, and Farcelia can create strong tornadoes.

They may also know first-level spells that fairies know, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.  


If other fairies are bonded with pixies, they would overpower the Champions of Alfea.


  • The story of the Alfea Champions is the only myth about fairies featured in the Legendarium.
  • They might be considered as dark fairies since they were summoned by Selina.
  • They are the last legendary creatures summoned by Selina.
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