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Queen Algae is the queen of the Undines who lives in Black Mud Swamp found near Lake Roccaluce in Magix.


Queen Algae, like all the Undines, looks like a miniature mermaid with flaps of transparent skin under her arms that allow her to fly and all her fingers except the thumb are fused together.

Unlike the other Undines who are mainly purple, blue or green in color, the Queen has golden skin and eyes and she wears a flower/leaf-like crown and wields a small golden scepter with a small flower at the top.

She sits on a throne made of golden moss and green leaves in a small golden audience hall made decorated with green moss and purple berries found at the roots of a large tree.


The Queen of the Undines is cheerful, kind and understanding. She cares a lot for her people and for nature and sometimes shows some slights forms of humor. She is very serene even when she is worried.


Season 1

When the Winx go to the Black Mud Swamp in The Monster and the Willow, Queen Algae tells them about the monster that lives in the swamp and how the Undines who go on the island in the swamp to find Xylith leaves often never come back and Lusiz was one of them.

After the Winx defeat the Red Willow and the monster is revealed to be a giant sleeping turtle, Queen Algae gives a Cheerful Gladiolus, a magical flower, to Flora as a present and a reward for saving Lusiz.

Magical Abilities

Queen Algae can fly thanks to the flaps of skin under her arms and she most likely, like all the other Undines, can shine like a firefly in the dark and leave a trail of sparks behind her.

She might have nature-based powers since she told the Winx that when she was in telepathic contact with nature around her. Since she is the Queen of the Undines she might be more powerful than the other Undines.

It is possible that she is the one who used her magic to convince the Cheerful Gladiolus to be picked by Flora.


  • The Algae are a group of plant-like living organisms that include seaweed.
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