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This article is about Flora's mother. You may be looking for an Alfea fairy.

Alyssa is Rhodos' wife and Flora and Miele's mother and she first appears in Season 6 when she goes to Alfea for Mother's Day.


She shares some similarities with Flora in appearance, which are tan skin and brown hair and eye shape. She has brown eyes and her hair is long and stays in a bun with some green highlights, decorated by purple flowers.


She wears a green off-shoulder dress with a light purple collar, decorated by the purple flowers in the center of the collar, belt, sleeves, and the bottom edges of the dress have purple ruffles; the part of the dress above that is decorated with red flower buds.


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Alyssa has great knowledge of all the flowers and plants of the magical dimension. She is seen as very cheery, and is shown to usually be in a good mood. She is also very overprotective of her garden, not wanting Amarok anywhere near her plants. She is also protective of her children. But as she hasn't made many appearances not much else is known about her.  


Season 6

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In "Mythix", she and the other mothers celebrate Mother's Day at Alfea. Then, she, the Winx and their mothers were seen dancing at the end of episode.

Season 7

In "Adventure on Lynphea", after arriving on Linphea, the Winx find Flora's parents treating the Magiwolves that were poisoned by Mutant Fungi's spores, in a dark forest area. Before the Winx venture out to the Linphea forest, Flora's parents gives Flora, a capsule containing the magical orchid seeds to protect them from the fungi.

In the next episode, she was seen when Miele was telling about their battle against the Mutant Fungi and she later frets about Amarok running around her garden, ruining her plants. </tabber>


World of Winx

Season 1

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Magical Abilities

Her powers were never exactly stated, however, she does have the general abilities of manifesting items. She conjured a magnifying glass and a watering can.


  • Her name has old German origin and means "noble, exalted".
  • The name "Alyssa" is usually derived from the name of the flower, alyssum.
  • In a Winx Club book, her name is "Rose".