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Amarea is a mermaid from Andros. She is good friends with Coralia and Talassia.


Amarea has long turquoise hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink cap decorated with pearls. Once transformed, she has a simple, pink and violet sequined bra, decorated with ruffles as well as long pink sleeves with ruffles. her tail is long, pink, spangled and adorned with ruffles. She wears a yellow starfish in her hair, one at the waist and also in earrings. Amarea also has a blue and pink bracelet on her arm and small yellow wings.


Amarea is a very gentle and sweet mermaid. She is very caring and protective to her friends.


Season 3

Amarea is captured by Valtor's evil spell along with Coralia and Talassia. Valtor  places his mark on them; stealing their magic and changing them into sea monsters that attacked anything that crossed their paths. After Valtor's defeat, Amarea's magic returned, she became a mermaid again and she returns home to the Underwater Kingdom.


  • In the Nickelodeon dub, she was called Corelia (not to be confused with the real Coralia).
  • Amarea's name is of Portuguese origin and it means "love" or "beloved".


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