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The Amazon Fairies are the followers of Diana who live in Amazonia.


They wear jungle style clothing and have leaf-like wings. Their hair is warm in color. They wield staffs to channel their magic and shields to block attacks. These shields can also be used as boomerang-type weapons.


Season 4

The Amazon Fairies are followers of Diana that assist her in getting revenge on humans for destroying nature.

Magical Abilities

The Amazon Fairies channel their magic through nature making plant monsters, earthquakes, and plant life. They have the ability to detect foreigners in their kingdom as well as those who are not in harmony with nature.

There was one Amazon Fairy in particular, who was referred to as the Guardian of Diana's Temple, who is able to bind the Winx Club in magical chains and use magic pollen on the Specialists. Like all fairies they can fly.


Amazon Fairies can become weak if to much damage is done to nature.  


  • The Amazon Fairies derive their name from the Amazon Rainforest in South America, which is where Diana's Kingdom is found.
    • Their name might also come from the Amazons, an ancient tribe from Greek mythology whose members were exclusively warrior women.
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