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Amazonia is a region found in the continent of South America, on Earth.


Diana's Palace

Amazonia is a place called "The Lung of the World" and the "The Undiscovered Country" because it is the only place on Earth that is not yet completely conquered by humans and affected by technology. This region of the world is covered by a large tropical rainforest called the Amazonian Rainforest, where many species of plants and animals live. It is a vast region where mountains, hills, rivers and valleys can be found and it is also the home of native tribes who lived in villages in the forests but whose lands had been stolen by wood-cutters working for a corrupt businessman.

Diana and the Amazon Fairies

The palace of Diana, the Major Fairy of Nature, and her followers, the Amazon Fairies, who rule over and protect the rainforest, is also found in Amazonia.

The Source of Nature

The Forest contains the Source of Nature, a magical flower that is the embodiment of all nature and is the source of Diana's power and vital strength, The Source of Nature itself bonded to the Forest and the more the Forest is harmed the more the Source of Nature withers, and the power and vital strength of Diana diminishes, and the Forest becomes more vulnerable.


Amazonia is the home of the Amazon Fairies, Earth Fairies who serve Diana, and of native tribes.

Some wood cutters who work for a corrupt businessman used to work there and destroyed the forest and the villages of the native people before Diana stopped them with the help of the Winx and the Specialists.



Diana once ruled Amazonia in ancient times with her Amazon Fairies before theWizards of the Black Circle captured them.


Season 4

The Amazonia is the home of Diana where she captured the Winx and the Specialists. But ended up working with the Winx to save the forest from the men who were trying to destroy it.

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