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The Ancestral Fairies were fairies native to the Legendarium World introduced in Season 6.


The Ancestral Fairies had long flowing hair, which was sometimes braided, big petal-shaped wings, and pointed ears. Some wore flower garlands.


The seven Ancestral Fairies crossed over from the Legendarium World to the real world, spreading their magic to all the worlds of the Magic Dimension, including the Earth. They brought with them seven Ancestral Wands containing the Mythix power and entrusted to the Kingdom of Tir Nan Og.


Season 6

Ancestral Fairies 3

Portraits of the Ancestral Fairies in Tir Nan Og College.

In "Mythix," during their search for magical artifacts that can be used to lock the Legendarium, the Winx and Eldora head to Tir Nan Og after finding a lead in the Tome of Fairy History. There, the Winx get reacquainted with Nebula, the reigning Queen of the Earth Fairies. Nebula, who had turned her castle into Tir Nan Og College to develop aspiring young fairies, helps the Winx and Eldora in their search by showing them the Ancestral Wands: the magical artifacts they seek. Nebula reveals to them the legend of the Ancestral Fairies and the wands they brought with them when they crossed over. Nebula further explains that even though she is the keeper of the wands, only those who prove themselves before the wands can hold them. After a battle with the Trix, Bloom's actions against Icy manage to free the Ancestral Wands, and the Winx and Eldora use them to enter the Legendarium World and begin the next phase of locking the Legendarium for good.


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