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The Ancestral Witches and the Hourglass

The Ancient Hourglass is a magical item that debuted in Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure.


When the Ancestral Witches tried to conquer the Magic Dimension, Oritel and Marion formed and led the Company of Light, a group of powerful wizards and warriors that are formed to fight against the witches. Before their attack on Domino, Oritel and Erendor became allies, and Erendor promised to protect it until Oritel and Marion return. The Ancestral Witches destroyed Havram just to show him their power. They told him that they would spare the other cities of Eraklyon, if he would let them attack Domino. For the sake of his kingdom, he agreed.
Hourglass&Destruction of Domino
Hourglass&Room of Erendor
Because of this, they gave Erendor a magical hourglass, which contained a power from the Tree of Life, to protect his kingdom from the devastating, dark energy that would flood in the nearby kingdoms, when they attack Domino. Since then, dark magic consumed Havram, so lost spirits

The Hourglass about to be destroyed.

roamed the city. Because of his guilt when he watched Domino collapse, he went to Havram with the hourglass and tried to destroy the hourglass, but instead, he created a plant from the Tree of Life's pollen that contained the power of the Tree of Life.


The Ancient Hourglass is a transparent hourglass that has a light green glow. It has white pollen in it and has a black crystal on top. There is a white, angel wing on one side and a black, bat wing on the other. There are black, vine-like stands on each side, which connects it onto its black base. 



Eraklyon defended by the Hourglass' magic.

Sprout of Good Magic

Positive Magic inside the Sapling.

According to the Ancestral Witches, the Ancient Hourglass contains power from the Tree of Life, which means that it still carries the positive energy.  According to them, it also has the power to protect a world
Positive Magic unleashed

The Positive Magic is unleashed

from the overflowing, negative energy. Once the sprout was born from the hourglass, it still restrict yet held positive energy. When the sprout was destroyed, the good magic was released all at once.


  • This artifact is one of the two one-time artifacts shown in the movies. The other one is found in the Secret of the Lost Kingdom, which is the Obsidian Key. 
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