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Angel is the girlfriend of Darien. She is the current owner of the alleged cursed jewel which was a gift from Darien; it was also the source of their breakup and reunion.


Angel has long, red hair in a side fringe and surface layered style. She has a pale complexion and light pink eyes.

In the past, she wore a simple white, cropped tank top, magenta ankle-length pants with a maroon belt, and purple calf high heeled boots. She also had a white hairband.

In present day, she wears her white cropped tank top over a magenta dress. Her sleeves are short with ruffled purple ends, her boots are the same but her hairband is blue.


Angel is very sacrificial and selfless, especially if it meant protecting the people she loves. This is shown when she broke up with Darien solely for his safety and regardless if he understood or not. She is also appreciative as she immediately wanted to meet her and Darien's saviors.


Season 4


Angel leaves Karinian after learning of his infidelity.

As the Winx magically relive the "cursed" jewel's life through a spell, Angel is eventually seen being gifted the jewel, which had now been turned into a necklace by Darien, her boyfriend. She is overjoyed to receive it but eventually tried to return the necklace to Darien who refused it. She had broken up with Darien but is greatly upset by this choice, and chose to be in a relationship with business man Karinian.


Angel's necklace is returned to her.

She stayed at his estate for awhile but is clearly unhappy. And Karinian eventually cheats on her and gives the necklace to his new girlfriend. Upset and done with Karinian, Angel angrily gives the necklace to him and leaves the estate, uncertain where she will go.

She eventually took up residence with her old nanny who treats her like a daughter. The Winx and Darien go visit her, but when the Winx approaches her nanny, the nanny informs her that she had been depressed for quite sometime and has refused communication.


Darien and Angel meet their saviors.

Angel just sits in front of the window, gazing at it blankly even when Darien calls out to her, she does not respond. Until Darien puts the necklace around her, she snaps out of her dazed state and is overjoyed to see Darien again. She lovingly wraps her arms around him and explains that Karinian was out to kill him if she did not go along with him.

With the reason behind the breakup made cleared, Angel eagerly goes outside with Darien to thank their saviors, the Winx.

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