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This article is about the animals from the PopPixie series. You may be looking for the animals from the Winx Club series.

From left to right: First row - Otis, Guzman, Bamboo
Second row - Caramel's Tina, Piff's Tina, Gunnar
Third row - Rico, Blah-Blah, Amore's assistant Owl, Lulu

The Talking Animals have an active role in society just like the Pixies and Gnomes. They work and have the same rights as the other citizens of Pixieville. Unlike the pixies and gnomes, however, the PopPixie animals live in lairs and houses of the forest community in Pixieville. Each animal is the assistant or companion of an assumingly bonded pixie or elf.

They are similar to the Pixie Pets that appear in Winx Club.


With either pixie-like wings or not, on Pixieville, most animals are able to talk, do chores, help out the Pixies. They also wear clothes. The animals usually are equally tall as pixies. They are generally small creatures with heads that are larger in comparison to their bodies.


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List of known Animals

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Pixies' Animals

Elves' Animals


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