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Aportis Aborral - Ep214
The Aportis Aborral is a plant native to Eraklyon introduced in Season 2.


The Aportis Aborral is unique in its abilities to teleport and detect movement as it is able to teleport as soon as someone lunges at it.


The Aportis Aborral has long pink petals that are shaped like a round sphere. It has light pink stamen, and around five to six sepal. The stem, sepal, and leaves are a dry green color and appear slightly wilted.


Season 2

IMG 2147

Bloom, Flora, and the pixies have spotted the flower.

In "Battle for Planet Eraklyon," Flora spots the flower. Chatta tries to grab it but it teleports away. Flora needs it for a potion, and it takes many tries to finally retrieve it. Once finally in her hands, Flora keeps it in a transparent orb and carries it throughout their adventure on Eraklyon. Due to its teleporting ability, it served as a catalyst for the switching position spell used to switch Diaspro and Bloom's place to rescue the former.


  • Aportis is the second-person singular present subjunctive form of the Catalan word aportar meaning “to bring”.
  • It is called the Poppy Portalis in the 4Kids version.


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