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The Arctic Fairies are the followers of Aurora who reside in the Major Fairy's icy fortress, the Frost Tower. Much like their leader, they possess the ability to use ice magic and withstand harshly cold temperatures.


Arctic Fairies have pale skin. Their lipstick color is either blue or green and their clothes are dark blue with fur. Their wings are reminiscent of icicles and they also have a green glow around their wings which presumably protects them from the cold.


Season 4

When Aurora planned to trap the Winx in her Ice Fortress she had the Arctic Fairies which escape but they soon returned back when the fight was settled and watched as the missing fairy magic was restored to Earth.

Magical Abilities

Arctic Fairies have the ability of ice magic in ways that they can project ice beams, blasts and shards, or summon walls made of ice. Like all fairies they can fly. Their magic is icy blue in color. 

They may know first-level spells all fairies can learn such as, telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. 


  • The Arctic is the polar region found at the north-most part of the Earth. It is extremely cold region where it snows for most of the year.


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