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King Argen[1] is a character that debuts in Season 8. He is the brother of Dorana who is initially introduced as Obscurum where he was Valtor's helper who wanted to take over the throne of Lumenia from Dorana.



Argen has a light apricot skin, big blue eyes with star highlights and long wavy light turquoise hair decorated by a golden and blue hat with various orange swirly line patterns.

He wears a long full suit in blue and light yellow colors with a multi-layered pair of pants decorated with varying shades of yellow lines and loose, elbow length sleeves. He also appears to have a swan-necked collar and blue armbands. He also has a zipper that extends to his mid-riff from his collar. He has a gold mid-riff and gold puffy sleeves. He is barefoot.


He is the height of a staryummy, and has light blue skin. He has a large hat which is multi-layered in deep blue and purple colors, with dark blue line decorations. He has bat-wing like decorations on his back, and a simple, purple, sleeveless striped suit. He is also barefoot, and wears a medallion with gold rims, and a gold crown motif in the center. He also wields a light blue wand with a gold rimmed blue star on its tip.

Diving Gear

He has a green mask, snorkel and flippers. He also has a yellow rubber duck float.


As Obscurum he is rude, commanding, selfish and vain.

As Argen, he appears to have a humorous, fun-loving attitude.


Prior to the events of season 8, he felt a sense of jealousy over his sister, Queen Dorana, for he was second to the throne after her, and barely had a fraction of the love, admiration and respect she received from her subjects. At some point, as he wondered through the forests of Lumenia alone, he came across Valtor's essence, and channeled it back into a physical form. Valtor promised him great power if he helped, and he pledged is loyalty to the evil wizard, who transformed him into Obscurum.

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Season 8

In "Night of the Stars", Obscurum makes his debut after the Winx have found Twinkly and vents out in frustration that Twinkly has managed to reach to the Winx.

In "Popstars!", Obscurum brings staryummies to Peripla through the vents of the starship.

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Magical Abilities


He can make dark purple portals to any location he wishes. He can also create dark purple beams to launch at the enemy as an offensive type of magic.


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Uses of Magic


  • His corrupted self name is derived from the word "obscure," meaning "keep from being seen; conceal".
  • Before his name was revealed, he was known among the fandom as "Valtor's Helper".
  • Obscurum can lose focus very easily when he hears music.



  1. As confirmed via the Netflix's subtitles.