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Astrid is a character featured exclusively within the Winx Club Comic Series. Making her debut in Issue 150: Magical Sparkles, she is revealed to be a friend from Stella's childhood and, by the end of the issue, becomes the latest champion of the Launching of the Magic Lights competition.


She has fair skin, pink lips, and magenta eyes. She has long light blue hair in a long thin braid. She wears a tiara with a magenta gem in the middle.

As a child she has short hair, and wore a pale blue top, pale blue shoes, and dark blue pants.


She is a very sweet girl, who's excited to be apart Launching of the Magic Light. She has deep respect for her grandfather wanting to follow in his footsteps. And is very proud about how much her grandfather accomplished.


At a very young age, Astrid first met Stella in daycare and the two became rather close friends. One day, their class got to see a wizard named Atar showcase his light magic, which caused Astrid to proudly proclaim him to be her grandfather before adding wings to his horse silhouette made of light, showcasing her own talents.

Astrid presumably followed in her grandfather's footsteps, striving to become the champion of the Launching of the Magic Lights one day, and honed her own light magic for many years to make that a reality.


#150: Magical Sparkles

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Magical Abilities

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  • The name Astrid is of Scandinavian origin. It is derived from the Old Norse name Ássfriđr, which is a combination of the words áss (a god) and friđr (beautiful, fair). The name loosely means "beauty of a god" or "beautiful as a goddess."
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