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Athena is the Guardian Pixie of Red Fountain's Codex and one of the four powerful pixies in the realm of Magix.


Athena has fair skin, orange hair and olive eyes. She wears a Greek goddess dress since her name comes from the goddess of wisdom, strategy and battle in Greek mythology. Her hairstyle is a high bun with a golden hair tie and with two strands of hair hanging at both sides of her face. She wears orange eyeshadow. Her wings are yellow with green outline and big green spots at the edge. Her wings has an effect which makes an orange aura around it.


She is shown angered when the Trix try to steal the codex. But not much else is known about her, as she had only minor speaking roles.  


Athena trying to defend Red Fountain's Codex

Athena trying to defend Red Fountain's Codex

In "The Mysterious Stone," Faragonda summons her and the other Guardian Pixies to the Magic Archive to talk about the copied Codex.

In “Pixie Village,” she is seen in a flashback to her meeting with Faragonda.

She guards the Codex on Red Fountain. When the Trix solve the measure and enter the secret path, she uses her magic to stop them, but then, they find her and use their magic to defeat her, leave Red Fountain with the Codex. Later, she is seen in the last episodes of the season, using the copied Codex from Faragonda to open a gate to Relix.

She makes a cameo appearance in Pixie Village in the episode "The Legendarium".

Magical Abilities

As the guardian pixie of Red Fountain, she remains with the codex. She is shown to have yellow colored magic, forming a ring around Icy's head causing confusion, and a slight personality change. Thou this seems to only effect one person at a time.  


  • Athena (Αθηνά in Greek), also called Minerva by the Romans, is the goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, justice and skill in Greek mythology. She is the patron of the Greek City of Athens, which was named in her honor.
  • Athena and Discorda are the only Guardian Pixies that make do not appear in the Winx Club Comic Series, nor are they ever mentioned.
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