The Atlanteans are magical beings who appear exclusively in Issue 109: The Threat of the Atlanteans of the Winx Club Comic Series.

The Atlanteans are humanoid beings who originated from Atlantis on Earth[1]. They have blue-green skin, gills on the side of their faces, webbed hands and feet, and a dark blue fin on the back of their heads and backs.

Winx Club


The Threat of the Atlanteans

After Atlantis sunk into the Atlantic Ocean long ago, the Atlanteans moved to the Infinite Ocean where they tried to build a city by stealing islands from across the universe and placing them on the leaves of a giant water lily to recreate their empire[1].

Magical Abilities

The Atlanteans' magic powers allow them to move through the oceans and to move islands. It is unknown what their other magical abilities are[1].


  • Atlantis is a legendary island from Greek Mythology which sunk into the Atlantic Ocean after falling out of favor with the Gods.
    • Atlantis has appeared in many legends and works of fiction, usually depicted as a lost or sunken civilization.
      • The appearance of the Atlanteans as blue-skinned humanoids with gills that allow them to breathe under the sea was very likely inspired by the Atlanteans from Marvel Comics, who are similarly blue-skinned humanoids who can breathe under water thanks to their gills. The Atlanteans from Marvel Comics still live on Earth, in sunken Atlantis under the ocean while the Atlanteans from the Winx Club comics left the Earth after Atlantis sunk long ago.


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