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Atlas Oceanic Sound and Picture is an American recording studio and video post production facility based in California. The Atlas Oceanic cast recorded for seasons 3-6 of Winx Club, its four TV specials, and the first two movies.

Iginio Straffi, the creator of Winx Club, helped to choose the main voices of this cast himself. He also traveled from Italy to attend various events with these cast members, like the Hollywood screening of Winx Club: Magical Adventure.

The Atlas dub is often mistakenly/incorrectly called the "Nickelodeon dub" because ViacomCBS, which owns Nickelodeon and co-owns the Rainbow studio, selected some well-known Nickelodeon actors to provide their voices. However, the seasons that Atlas Oceanic dubbed do not correlate to the seasons that Nick/Viacom have produced. Viacom started producing (writing and financing) the show with the TV specials and fifth season, but the Atlas Oceanic voices recorded for the earlier seasons 3 and 4 as well.

In 2014, Viacom relocated the series' English cast to DuArt in New York City, just minutes from Viacom's headquarters. This was done as a cost-cutting and time-saving measure: at the time, Rainbow was undergoing a significant financial loss due to the box-office failure of its film Gladiators of Rome. The CGI-animated segments from seasons 5-6 and California voice cast were deemed too costly to continue using for season 7, so a new English cast was chosen.


Atlas Oceanic is an Emmy Award-winning studio that offers casting, voice direction, recording, and full audio post services. It was founded in 2010 by 20-year industry veteran Devon Bowman. Their current recording projects include Teen Titans Go! and Bravest Warriors.

According to Atlas' website, they heavily worked with both the Italian and American production teams to create their dub. This marks the first time that the Italian team directly oversaw the English version.

For the re-recorded seasons 3 and 4, Atlas' scripts closely match the original ones. There are minor changes, made at Iginio Straffi's request to make the dialogue more suitable for younger audiences.

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