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The Azure Valley is a place filled with beautiful crystals, plants and animals.


It is filled with beautiful crystals, plants and animals. According to Stella, it is like a paradise.


Season 5

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Stella enchanted by the beauty of the Sea of Solaria

Tritannus visited Solaria, after taking Illiris' powers and entering the Ocean Gate from Andros. After Stella figured out that the Gem of Self-confidence is somewhere in the Royal Deeps the Winx came to the oceans of Solaria to find it. They soon met a selkie called Illiris, who is the gatekeeper of Solaria. It is here where Stella bonds with Illiris, restoring her powers that Tritannus took from her. They then go into a cave where they face a mutated jellyfish which has been under Tritannus' pollution's influence. It turns Flora into stone, however Stella finds a shield with the Gem of Self-Confidence and uses it to reflect the petrifying stare back to the jellyfish, turning it into a stone. She then uses the shield again to break the curse on Flora. After taking the Gem of Self-Confidence, all the Winx acquire it into their Sirenix Boxes.


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