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The Bake-o-monster is a monster that appears in Season 1.


The Bake-o-monster is a bug with a red back. It has yellow eyes and eight brown legs. It has a stinger.



In "Mission at Cloudtower," it appears in Cloud Tower. Musa is frightened by it, and Stella casts Sun Shower to get rid of it, resulting in the room catching fire.

In "Twinning with the Witches," one of them descends from the wall of Cloud Tower as the Trix confront Lucy. Lucy shoots it with a green beam causing it to get bigger growing in size.


Winx Club

IMG 4203

Bloom battling the Beecomb Monsters.

In the game they are generic enemies found in Cloud Tower.


  • It is called "Puncture Beetle" in the 4Kids version.
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