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The Ballet Teacher's name was never revealed. Her first and only appearance was in "At the Last Moment", teaching ballet with emphasis in artistic/rhythmic gymnastic.


The Ballet Teacher has a light complexion, amaranth hair hold in bun with an indigo elastic, and indigo blue eyes with pointy glasses of the same color. She wears an Alice blue topless leotard held by two teal strings with fake wings at the back which are held by purple strings, a light pink ballet tutu and Alice blue ballet shoes.

Winx Club

Season 3

In "At the Last Moment", the Ballet Teacher is seen encouraging her students in her class. Before Stella wraps herself with her ribbon, the Ballet Teacher looks concerned at her while the other students laugh at Stella's clumsiness.


  • Even thought her class subject is seen in the comics she was never present.
  • The Winx appear in more gymnastic classes along the series but no teacher was present.