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Mr. Batson appears in Season 4 episode 8 as the cranky new owner of Roxy's childhood farm.


Mr. Batson is lightly tan, has brown hair, clark gable styled mustache and green eyes.

He wears a loose-looking tan button shirt over a light brown vest that is tucked into his light blue boot cut jeans and tan boots.


When he was first introduced he was known to be bitter and cranky. When the Winx politely asked if they could take a look at his farm, he told them in a rude and angry tone to leave.

After getting hurt by the Wizards of the Black Circle, he fainted and Bloom healed him. He awakens and is astonish to find fairies standing before him. Flora then uses her own powers to restore the plants and trees and explains to Batson that this is his and he must take care of it. Mr. Batson thinks about the wrong he had done and apologizes, showing that he is willing to change. He then bids farewell to the girls with a smile.


Season 4

Mr. Baston - Burning Farm

Batson panicking over his burning barn

When Roxy and the other Winx try to go there, he at first tells them to leave the farm. Later though, Ogron and the other Wizards attack the farm and set the barn on fire. The Winx defeat the Wizards and discover the White Circle. Flora uses her Believix powers to make the trees grow and Bloom uses her Believix powers to make him have a change of heart in the end.
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