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The Beast of the Depths is a monster the Trix commanded to attack the Winx Club and Daphne in the first episode of Season 6, "Inspiration of Sirenix".


The Beast of the Depths is a giant, brown monster with spiky, yellow eyes and sharp, long teeth.It has circular, dark yellow patterns all over its body. It also has two pairs of tentacles, three pairs of feet and a spiky tail. It also has two big flippers with spikes on its sides.

Powers and Abilities

According to Icy, it is the only thing in the Magic Dimension stronger than the Dragon Flame. Because of its immense power, it is very durable and powerful. Although it is strong, it also has a weakness: being controlled by the power of the Nymph of Domino


Season 6

Icy awakening the Beast of the Depths

During the celebrations, The Trix command the beast to attack Daphne, the Winx and Domino's people. While Daphne is frozen with horror and despair thinking she has lost her powers and thus cannot protect her people, the Winx and the Specialists attack the beast with no prevail.

Later on, the Winx convince Daphne that she can transform into her Sirenix form and will be able to drive the beast away. Daphne succeeds in transforming and commands the beast to return to the depths of the ocean.


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