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Believix Power is a doll line created by JAKKS Pacific featuring the six Winx girls in their Believix, but with only one color.


The Winx Club girls are truly extraordinary, each with powerful magic and even stronger friendships. Get ready to feel the magic!


  • 1 doll with fashion
  • 1 pair of Believix wings
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 crown
  • 1 brush
  • 1 power ball


  • This is the first JAKKS Pacific doll line to change the original colors of an outfit.
  • Four of the dolls have their Believix outfit of the same or almost the same color as their hair:
    • Bloom's in red while her hair is orange
    • Musa's in blue while her hair is dark blue/black
    • Stella's in yellow as her hair
    • Tecna's in purple while her hair is magenta
  • Two of the dolls have their Believix outfit of the same color as their magic was in the fifth episode of the fifth season, The Lilo: Stella and Tecna.
  • Flora and Aisha are the only ones that their Believix outfit color in this doll line does not correspond to either the color of their hair or magic.
  • The name of the doll line, "Believix Power", is similar to "Bloomix Power" and "Harmonix Power", as the first word is the transformation represented by the dolls' outfits.
    • However, in Bloomix Power and Harmonix Power, the fairies' outfit colors are the usual ones, while in Believix Power, they changed to only one.


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