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Belladonna is one of the Ancestral Witches who destroyed Domino and cursed Daphne. She is one of Valtor's mothers and is the Ancestral Witch who looks the most like Icy, one of the three descendants of the three Ancestresses. Belladonna also has the powers of ice like her descendant Icy.


When Belladonna still had a body, she looked like a humpbacked old woman with pale skin, long grayish white hair flowing down her back with part of it shaped like a collar and a long, a thin outward hooked nose. She wore a black dress, a black cape, and a black mask. With her mask on, she appeared to have glowing yellow eyes and it is unknown if this was her real eye color or an effect of the mask.

In her spirit form at Cloud Tower, her dress, cape, and mask had a dark blue color while her skin had a pale ghostly gray color and her hair was blue.

In the first movie, her spirit form had a purplish color while in the second movie it was red.



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