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Belladonna is one of the Ancestral Witches who destroyed Domino and cursed Daphne. She is one of Valtor's mothers and is the Ancestral Witch who looks the most like Icy, one of the three descendants of the three Ancestresses. Belladonna also has the powers of ice like her descendant Icy.


As the ancestress of Icy, she bares some similarities with her heir. Her grey hair is held up in five separate crown-like extensions possibly denoting her status as the leader of the trio. She wears a long grey dress with a black cloak (or as seen in an astral projection of herself in the third season, it is grayish blue while her cape is dark blue or it could be that because her powers are similar to Icy's. Her energy aura makes her appear this way.

When Belladonna still had a body, she looked like a humpbacked old woman with pale skin, long grayish white hair flowing down her back with part of it shaped like a collar and a long, a thin outward hooked nose. She wore a black dress, a black cape, and a black mask.

In both her life states (living and deceased), she also sports a mask around her yellow-glowing eyes (her real eye color is unknown) and appears to be barefooted.

In the first movie, her spirit form had a purplish color while in the second movie it was red.


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Season 1

The Ancestral Witches in a trick vision planted by the Trix.

Belladonna, along with Liliss and Tharma, was mentioned as the Dark Force which destroyed Domino when Faragonda tells Bloom about the Great Dragon. The Ancestral Witches made their first physical appearance in "Bloom's Dark Secret", when Belladonna and the other two witches were formed in a false vision made by the Trix (Group) to scare Bloom.

Season 3

Belladonna and her sisters tell Bloom the truth about her parents.

Season 4

There was a portrait of the Ancestral Witches in the Hall of Enchantments along with the portraits of the other enemies of the Magic Dimension at Alfea.


The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Belladonna trying to possess Stella.

Belladonna was seen in the first film as a spirit trapped in the realm of Obsidian, along with her sisters, Liliss and Tharma. They command their servant, Mandragora, throughout the movie, targeting Bloom primarily.

Magical Adventure

Belladonna possesses Icy.

Belladonna appeared in the second movie with her sisters after their escape from the realm of Obsidian. Assisted by the Trix, the Ancestral Witches cause the negative part of the Tree of Life to take over the whole of it, annihilating its positive part with the exception of the positive magic that is contained in a pollen in Havram.

Magical Abilities

Belladonna possesses the same ice powers as Icy, her descendant. She can control anything related to frost, ice, and snow and is knowledgeable in the dark magic. Like all witches, her powers are derived from the negative aspects of magic. Belladonna may know some basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Like all witches, she can fly. She can create a dragon, much stronger than that of Bloom (when not in its strongest state), which is made of ice shards. She can control temperature. Her icicles are black. Using certain spells her magic can be yellow in color. 

Uses of Magic


  • Belladonna is an Italian name that comes from the phrase "Bella Donna" (meaning Beautiful Lady), as well as the name for the Deadly Nightshade plant, which according to popular folklore was used by witches to make ointments that helped them to fly to witch gatherings.
  • While Belladonna has been stated to be an ancestor of the Trix and Icy looks the most like her, the details of her exact relationship with the Trix has not been explicitly explained.
    • However, in the second movie, it is Liliss who possesses Icy, not Belladonna.
  • Belladonna and the other Ancestral Witches appear not to be caring about both Valtor and the Trix although they all descend from the Ancestresses, and instead treat them like their servants. It is unknown why do they behave like this.
  • The appearance of the Ancestral Witches is inspired from those of typical fairy tale and folklore witches, especially the Wicked Fairy Godmother, being humpbacked old women with crooked noses and having hands with sharp pointy nails.
  • Her Italian voice actress for the series also voices Queen Algae, Barbatea, Maia, Queen Niobe (Season 3), Ofelia, The Sage of Linphea, and Queen Samara.
  • In the Cinélume dub, her voice actress also voiced Musa and Stormy.
  • In the Nickelodeon dub, her voice actress also voiced Griffin, Nebula (Season 6), Queen Marion (movies and Season 6), Ninfea, Niobe (Seasons 5 - 6), Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix, and Zulema.