An arena packed with beauty queens... I'm scared to go in there.
Breath of Nature
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Bishop (Alberto in Winx Club video game) is a Specialist who attends Red Fountain.


Bishop wears a basic Red Fountain uniform with a violet gem affixed to his cape. He is bald except for a short purple ponytail on the top of his head, which is similar to how children had their hair in Ancient Egypt. He has six small dots on his forehead, fair skin, and wields a pair of purple, translucent curved daggers.


He's shown to be brave as he helped, fight off the Army of Darkness.



In "Mission to Domino," he is seen fighting against the Army of Darkness.

In “The Witches' Siege,” He's seen trying to fight off the Army of Darkness.

In "The Crypt of the Codex," he and his classmates perform reconnaissance mounted atop dragons.

In “The Show Must Go On!,” he is seen in Red Fountain’s courtyard.


#12: Magic Battle

He's seen at Alfea helping to fight the Army of Darkness

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