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Professor Bittersmoke is an elderly male potion teacher at Cloud Tower. He appears primarily in the Winx Club Comic Series and mentioned in the animated series.


He is kind, yet stern, but is rarely respected by students at Cloud Tower. He is revealed to be a sleepwalker in the comics and has to be locked in his bedroom at night to keep him from roaming the castle.


He has long outward hooked nose. He has light skin, and dark eyes. He wears thin, small, round glasses. He wears a red scarf that wraps around his neck like a collar. He's shown to have black hair that's starting to turn grey. He wears dark robes and a cap with two cotton balls on the ends


He has been shown to be kind to his students, but stric when he has to be when their misbehaving. He claims also to have some kind of sixth sence in finding monsters, which Grififn dosen't take seriously or she just belives it's not true. He has also been shown to be helpful as he tries to stop a monster on the lose that the Trix created, with the rest of Cloud Towers staff members.  


#7: The School for Witches

Bittersmoke makes his first appearance teaching a potions class, during said class a girl named Rachel inhales potion fumes turning into a crocodile. He has her return to her room, saying that she'll return to normal the next full moon. Later witches in the potions class fool around and Bittersmoke scold them, that is when he mentions a forbidden book. He is later seen getting scolded by Griffin because of his mention of a forbidden book, Griffin tells him how dangerous those books are and how he can be kicked out of Cloud Tower if he mentions them again. Later Icy delivers Bittersmoke his food for the night and doesn't lock his door, as she over heard that Bittersmoke sleep walks and he could lead the Trix's to the forbidden book. At midnight Bittersmoke sleep walks out of his room going to the forbidden books, and the trix find the secret libary as Bittersmoke reurns to his room, still sleep walking. 

#10: The Revelation 

Bittersmoke makes his apperance half way though the issue when the monster the Trix created goes out of control, with Griffin, Ediltrude, and, Zarathustra, Bittersmoke helps attack the out of control monster. The moster absorbs their engery and the engery hits them back, their energy slightly drained. Bittersmoke later watches the monster break out of Cloud Tower.  

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