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The Black Claw Pack is a pack of werewolves who make their home in a cearn within the forests of Shady Hill after being brought to life by Earth's regained magic. Their current pack leader is Garont.

Notable Members

  • Garont is the current pack leader who had been chosen by Gaia through the moon.
  • Feras is a common member of the pack who strives to usurp Garont after deeming him to be too weak of a leader. He wields the Silver Pendant.


In the distant past, the Black Claw Pack chose its leaders through tests of raw strength. If a member of the Pack proved to be powerful enough to overpower the pack leader at the time, then they would be seen as its new leader.

Something happened during the Pack's history that caused them to change this process to one where its pack leader was now chosen by Gaia and bestowed power and protection from her through the full moon. Since Garont, the current pack leader, is able to make the claim that the Pack would be forced into exile should its leader be usurped by anyone who was not chosen by the moon, it is possible that an incident like this occurred before.


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