The Black Willow
The Black Willow is a tree found on Linphea which appeared in "The Black Willow's Tears".


Lulia was a lush land, found in the north of Linphea. Two willows siblings were the source of life of Lulia, until the Great Realm Fire destroyed Lulia. The fire which turned Lulia into a wasteland and burned one of the willow trees completely. The other was badly damaged and came to be known as the Black Willow and it left Lulia out of sadness because its sister once stood there. When the Black Willow left Lulia it settled inside a cave found in a mountain and started weeping in memory of its sister. Its tears formed a pond, and they started flowing out of the cave and up the cliffside, forming the Water Stairway, a waterfall which flows upside down since its water flows upwards instead of flowing downwards like other waterfalls. Its water has the ability of reversing time.


It is a normal willow in the appearance. When the great fire destroyed its sister and Lulia, it was severely damaged, but recovered. When Darcy poisoned its tears with a dark spell, the poison rose to the willow and thus becoming dark. Later, Flora healed it, and it went back to being normal.


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