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This article is about Aurora's power source. You may be looking for Icy's spell.

The Blizzard is the source of Aurora's magical powers.


The Blizzard is a very potent form of ice magic under the possession of Aurora, Major Fairy of the North. According to legends passed down through generations of Earth Fairies, the Blizzard is said to possess the ability to freeze over the entire universe with just a single drop of its magic. Additionally, only those with the coldest of hearts can touch it. As such a crucial and dangerous magic source, Aurora keeps the Blizzard within the heart of her Frost Tower where she dutifully protects it with the help of her faithful followers, the Arctic Fairies.


The Blizzard appears as a sizably large crystal ball containing a shard of ice that constantly releases a mist of powders, glitter, and possibly frost whose color ranges from pale blue to yellow. The ice shard within the crystal ball releases so much of these powders that most of it seeps out of the crystal ball.


Season 4

Aurora protecting the Blizzard.

In "The Frozen Tower," the Blizzard is first seen in Aurora's possession when the Winx confront her in the heart of the Frost Tower. As she shows them the Blizzard, Aurora declares it to be her power source while admitting that, even with it, she could never stand a chance against the fearsome power of the Dragon Flame within Bloom. To work around this, Aurora had purposely let the Winx into the heart of her Frost Tower to trap them inside as she lowered its internal temperature and sent the Arctic Fairies after them to wear them down until their eventual defeat. Even after the seven fairies defeated her followers, Aurora trapped them within a cage of ice and snow, leaving them unable to escape until Bloom made a deal with the Earth Fairies: one where she would combat Nebula, their strongest warrior, for her friends' freedom, Roxy's safety and, more importantly, for the Earth Fairies to denounce their Age of Vengeance should she come out as the victor.

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