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Bloom & Magical Car is a doll play-set produced by Witty Toys featuring Bloom and a pink car.


Directly from Season 7, here comes Bloom on her Magical car! The wheels' movement makes her magical wings flap! And there's more! The door and the bonnet can be opened! Zoom with Bloom towards lots of adventures and re-live all the magic of the TV series!


  • 1 Bloom's Urban Style doll
  • 1 pair of wings
  • 1 magical car


  • This doll play-set has a Gardenia background from season six's opening.
  • This doll play-set includes Bloom's doll from urban style doll collection.
  • The car was first seen in season seven's opening.
  • The car has a place to store the luggage which is from the urban style doll's accessories.
  • The commercial also shows that you can place the wing (from the Urban style doll collection) onto the front car.



Winx Club - Fashion Dolls - Bloom & Magical Car

Winx Club - Fashion Dolls - Bloom & Magical Car

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