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Bo is another member of the Patchamen who considers himself to be a mysterious antihero (the other being Ben) and even goes so far as to use the archetype as his self-given title.


He has fair skin, a square jawline, and dark long wavy hair. In terms of appearance he looks similar to Ben, the leader of the patchamen


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Season 2

In "Battle on Planet Eraklyon", He makes his debut as one one the patchamen, hired by Yoshinoya. He aids in capturing Diaspro, but that is not shown on screen. Later in the episode Bloom, Brandon and Sky prepare to fight the techno-ninjas, but Zing arrives with a ransom note, revealing to the Patchamen that they were kidnappers. Bloom tells the patchamen that the planet Earth can use their protection, as they leave to head to earth.


  • With the Patchamen being a direct reference to the anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Bo acts as a parody of the sub-leader or second-in-command of the Gatchaman team, Joe the Condor.
  • Despite being said to go to earth with the rest of the patchamen, he and the rest of the team are never seen again.
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