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Mr. Bonner first appears with Mr. Brown in "A Great Secret Revealed".


Mr. Bonner is a tall, fair complexioned man. He is the younger one between the two con-men. He has auburn hair that is slicked back and brown eyes.

His business suit consists of a navy, striped blazer with a fuchsia dress shirt and a purple tie, dark teal business pants and white classy shoes.


He is similar to his partner, Mr. Brown, in that he is extremely ambitious when his goals are related to taking over small businesses. He does not rest until their doomed "partners" are willing to cooperate, if they refuse he will take action and will not hesitate to hire men to threaten and harass them.

As a conman, he is deceiving and is the first to display exactly how serious they are when someone breaks their deal, like when he "accidentally" knocked over Vanessa's potted plant and still kept a sly smile.


Mr. Bonner in Vanessa's flower shop with Mr. Brown.

In "A Great Secret Revealed", Mr. Bonner appears with Mr. Brown where they stated they wanted to become business partners with Vanessa but actually plotted to turn her shop into a supermarket. Bloom found out about his plan with her new powers and told her mother to reject his offer. After doing so she was continuously harassed and eventually had her shop lit on fire. The two have been known to scam people and turn their shops into supermarkets.

He and Mr. Brown were only mentioned by Vanessa. She explains to Bloom that she has pressed charges against them and they are being prosecuted.

In "The Last Fairy on Earth," he angrily fired the Winx after Stella had dropped her tray of food onto a customer.