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Boomer Mushrooms are a type of fungus introduced in Season 2.


Boomer Mushrooms are bouncy and produce a pollen that induces sneezing and dizziness.


A Boomer Mushroom has a dark brown stem with a light brown ring shape around it. The mushroom is dark red and roughly shaped.


Season 2


Chatta bouncing on the mushrooms.

In "Danger in the Wildlands," as Bloom, Aisha, and the pixies walk through the Wildlands, they stumble upon Boomer Mushrooms. Chatta sees them begins to bounce on them, but quickly falls off. All the pixies then begin to sneeze. Later, Amore says she is experiencing dizziness. The Winx decide to take the pixies to Pixie Village as the antidote for their ailment may be cured by the Tree of Life.

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