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Squire Brandon is Sky's squire/bodyguard/best friend and a great swordsman. He is also Stella's fiancée. In Season 1, he introduced himself as "Prince Sky" but his lie is later admitted, and continued to go by his real name, Brandon.


Brandon is a young man with tan skin and brown eyes. He has short dark brown hair with bangs angled sharply towards his right eye. Like the other Specialists, except for Timmy, he has a well-built body that consists of strong arms, legs and a very muscular torso.


  • In Season 1, Brandon wore a white dress shirt with a red ascot. This was under a blue sweater vest paired with green plaid pants and brown dress shoes.
  • In Season 2 and 3, Brandon is shown wearing a red and blue midriff shirt with red and blue pants and a matching jacket.
  • In Season 4 - 7, he wears a light pink shirt with vertical stripes with sleeves reaching to his elbows, over the shirt he wears a green sleeveless shirt with a neckline that reaches to the bottom of his chest and a white collar. He wears jeans with a white belt and a light blue rectangular buckle. His shoes are blue with white details.
  • In Season 8, Brandon wears a light blue button-down shirt with black and red polka dots and dark blue collar and wrists. He wears jeans with some tears and red sneakers with white soles and details in white and dark red.


As with most uniforms, Brandon's is a full bodied, skin tight one piece suit with a cape; the cape was omitted in Season 8. Base colors are dark blue with a gem (circular or diamond); in Brandon's case, his gem color is green.

In Season 8, his uniform has a base color of dark green with light blue lines and an orange gem.


Brandon seems to be somewhat superficial, placing a considerable amount of concern on his appearance, but is also outdoorsy and athletic.

He is a fun-loving, caring and a very gentle, kind spirited guy. He excels in sports and enjoys working on his motor bike. Brandon is also an incorrigible flirt, as was shown in "The Show Must Go On!" when he not only flirted with two visiting witches, but also with a fairy-disguised Stormy. He is also quite the smooth talker, able to convince two potential female customers to hang out at the Frutti Music Bar (which also led Sky to mock him). However, Brandon is a very loyal and protective person, both to the person he loves and to the friends he treasures.

He is a calm and collected person and rarely acts impulsively, unlike his friends; Riven and Sky. Brandon gives people chances when they had wronged him but if there is no improvement he does not bother with them anymore. Nonetheless, he is also forgiving, shown when Riven apologized for his actions.

Despite his calm and collected demeanor, Brandon can be brutally honest (though at a lesser extent than Riven) especially when angered or disappointed. At the same time, he is also patient and will voice his opinions, while being careful of his word choices, in sensitive situations when needed. Such as when Musa and Riven were arguing in the Wildlands, he empathizes and comforts Musa but also reminds her to take action and have courage.

Brandon has on multiple occasions expressed (and shown) his passion for fitness, as well as being stylish (mentioning fashion products to Timmy). He is also expressive, a bit of a worrywart and can can get a little jealous, though it is more of a huff and puff reaction. Shown with Helia (as Stella mentioned she thought he was cute), Brandon automatically responded with negative comments about him. He is however, quick to realize his actions were unjust. He enjoys teasing his friends (especially Sky and often shown to be the only other person, aside from Bloom, to rile him up).


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Brandon is an excellent swordsman. He has two phantoblades. The first one is a big, double-edged. straight green broadsword that he commonly uses; this also shows his strong physique as the sword appears to be quite heavy demonstrated by his capability in utilizing it to create large fractures in the earth. His second sword is a double bladed, also green phantoblade, that can be used as a throw-able weapon, or to deflect attacks. Brandon seems to have a degree of enhanced strength seeing as he is able to use his sword to split the ground and is capable of knocking out a troll with one punch.

Brandon catches the rubble created by Gargantua.

Like all Specialists, he is trained in martial arts, survival, maneuvering machinery, weaponry usage and dragon riding. Brandon also appears to be well versed in dealing with aggressive wild animals; shown when he effortlessly defended Stella and Aisha against them. He easily kicked a wild beast back and dispatching another with his sword, and swiftly cutting off a small wooden log to smash a hunting troll's face that knocked it out.

In season 6, Brandon gains a new magical weapon called the laser staff. This staff allows for more impressive feats such as levitating falling objects and projecting strong gusts of wind.

In Season 8, he is utilizing another new weapon - a laser staff which is pretty similar to what he had in Season 6 and 7.


In Fairy Insider, he is mentioned to be Sky's best friend, a little full of himself, yet a good friend and that as long as it will not mess up his clothes he is the only person who can beat Sky at a sword fighting.

In Perle, his image can be seen in the end but he is not mentioned.


  • Before being forced to marry Amentia, it was revealed Brandon had been flirting with girls since his pre-teen years.
  • Brandon had once flirted with seventeen fairies and twelve witches, totaling 29 girls in one day.
  • When Stella found out that Brandon was a squire, she was really upset that Brandon lied to her and nearly broke up with him. They later reconcile.
    • In the comics, however, Stella and Brandon do break up. It was all due to Brandon being under the influence of a love potion that a witch from Cloud Tower named Shilly tricked him into drinking. Brandon later repairs his relationship with Stella after a guilty Shilly uses the antidote on him to see if he truly came to love her. This also makes Brandon the only one out of the Specialists to date a witch as he is dating a member of the Winx Club.
  • Brandon at his first appearance was 17 and Stella was 17 years old of age which means that Stella is the same age as Brandon.
  • He and Sky are the strongest Specialists at Red Fountain.
  • In the Nickelodeon specials, he and Sky do not switch identities.
  • From the official Winx Club website (2008), Brandon's hobbies are climbing and he likes to work with engines.
  • His appearance is very similar to Ulrich Stern from Code Lyoko.