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Mr. Brown first appears with Mr. Bonner in "A Great Secret Revealed".


He has gray hair, a Clark Gable mustache, pale skin and dark eyes. He is much older and shorter than his partner, Mr. Bonner.

His business attire consists of a sea green suit, a white dress shirt with a red vest, green and yellow striped tie and brown dress shoes.


He appears to be cooperative and friendly at first. However, he reveals his dangerous ambitious side when a business deal goes wrong, going as far as threatening and harassing those who do not cooperate. He is a conman, therefore he can easily manipulate people to do his bidding.


Mr. Brown in Vanessa's flower shop with Mr. Bonner.

In "A Great Secret Revealed" Mr. Brown appears with Mr. Bonner where they stated they wanted to become business partners with Vanessa, but actually plotted to turn her shop into a supermarket. Bloom found out about their plan with her new powers and told her mother to reject their offer. After she did so she was continuously harassed and eventually had her shop lit on fire. The two have been known to scam and take over people's businesses and turn them into supermarkets.

He and Mr. Bonner were only mentioned by Vanessa. She explains to Bloom that she has pressed charges against them and they are being prosecuted.


  • His name is "Mr. Bonner" in the 4Kids version, meaning he shares his name with his partner.
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