The Brute Monster is one of Lord Darkar's shadow creatures that appear in Season 2.


The Brute Monster attacks its victims using brute force by attacking them with its clawed hands or by jumping on them.


The Brute Monster has four limbs and it bipedal, using its hands with large claws to attack its victims. It has a large head with no eyes and a big mouth full of sharp pointed teeth which excretes a large amount of saliva. It possesses a pair of pointed protuberances on its back which are curved so they look like wings.

The Brute Monster has a skeletal outward appearance, with grey and light purple skin or carapace. However when it roars, the inside of its mouth looks like it is made of organic flesh similar to regular animals.


Season 2

In "The Shadow Phoenix," Darkar sends the Hell Mastiff, the Tar Monster, and the Brute Monster to recapture the pixies and eliminate Aisha. The Brute Monster tries to attack Aisha with its claws but she is able to escape it, and it then tries to jump on Aisha to catch her but becomes stuck in the Tar Monster's saliva.

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