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Buddy is Bloom's inner dragon. He resembles a baby dragon.


Buddy has a light green body with orange and yellow wings. He has big dark brown eyes.


Buddy is friendly and innocent. He is curious about the world around him and about Bloom. He is easily frightened by things that are unfamiliar to him. Due to Buddy's small size, he is afraid to be alone on Pyros, and when he told Bloom he had been separated from his parents, he was greatly distressed.

Buddy was also willing to help Bloom when she was in need. Buddy instructs Bloom on how to become a dragon and helps her on her journey through Pyros. His positive attitude helps Bloom believe in herself and "become" a true dragon.


Season 3

Bloom and Buddy

Buddy and Bloom

In "The Island of Dragons," Bloom meets Buddy on Pyros, where she agrees to escort him to Molten Creek - atop Fire Mountain. Buddy is grateful and teaches Bloom the know-hows of a dragon. When Buddy is captured by another dragon, Bloom roars loudly and scares off the dragon. Buddy then tells her that he is her dragon and that he is home, and disappears as he hugs her.

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