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Calavera is an island in Mexico, on Earth, introduced in Season 6.


Calavera is an island on Earth, near Bajo Mundo Cave, a location where the Occulta had sank and where the Fantasy Emerald was. According to Daphne, there are a number of legends in that island. It also has a seashore. In it is a village full of tourists and local people. In its clearing, there is a hut belonging to a Wise Woman. There is also a small coconut milk store near the shore. At Bajo Mundo Cave, there is also a submerged entrance to enter it.


Season 6

In "Mystery of Calavera," The Winx go to Calavera to find the Fantasy Emerald. There, the Winx, Daphne, Specialists and Paladins meet the citizens, the Wise Woman and the Bajo Mundo Cave. They surf their way to the cave and from there, enter the Legendarium World. Warned by Eldora that they might get stuck in there if they stayed there, they hurry to find the emerald but it isn't long enough to picks up a fight with the Trix and the Pirate Zombies.

In "Zombie Invasion," they continue their battle with the Trix and Winx, but they get away with the Fantasy Emerald. During their stay, everyone celebrates a party. Later in the episode, Selina unleashed the fog from the Legendarium to invoke them in order to steal their Fantasy Emerald back, but Bloom and the people on Calavera Island defeat them, which let them continue their party that was cut short by Selina's attack.



According to Daphne, there is a number of legends in the island. The legend of the Pirate Zombies is the only legend mentioned in the series, but there are two versions of it - The Wise Woman's version and the Legendarium's Version.

Legend has it that the Oculta ship sunk in front of Bajo Mundo Cave. Even after they became zombies, the pirates didn't abandon their treasure. They just moved it in a secret hiding place.It is underwater, off the island, where the old lighthouse stands. When the fog rolls into the island, so too does the Oculta and all of its zombie pirates.
- Wise Woman's version
This is a story about the pirate ship, Oculta, which ruled the seven seas for a hundred years. Many pirates were lost, but none ever left the ship until it finally sank.
- Legendarium's version


  • A "calavera" is a representation of a human skull.


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