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Camelia is the Pixie of Plants. She first appears in "The Bad-Luck Ladybug."


Camelia is a very helpful pixie, always prepared to help her friends. Especially, if her friends are animals.



Camelia always wear a white pink dress with white collar. She also wears a white apron. Her golden hair is curled and is tied in a green bow. She also wears pink boots.

PopPixie Form

She wears a pink dress with some sort of fluffy cotton inside. Her breast is covered with white cloth tied by pink flowers on her shoulders. She also wears pink shoes. Her bow becomes pink flowers.


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Magical Abilities

Camelia earning her MagicPop

Camelia has the ability to control and create vines and transform plants into various things such as a house.


  • Her name derives from the flower Camellia.
  • She is currently the last known Pixie to earn her MagicPop.