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Camilla is a PopPixie character. She is one of Tune's pupils. Her two best friends are Glim and Piff.


Camilla first appears in An Elf in School, Tune organizes a "Talent day" for her pupils to use their talent wisely and earn their own MagicPops.

Camilla was a shy Pixie who thought that her talent was useless. But at the end of the day, she was the only one of the pupils who earned a MagicPop. She became the PopPixie of Illusion.



Camilla wears a yellow tank top with light blue frills on the straps of her top, along with a matching yellow skirt and a big teal blue bow at her chest. She wears lilac-pink boots and yellow flowers in her hair.


Camilla's outfit is purple and yellow-orange themed. She wears a purple tank top, along with a flowery yellow skirt, purple shoes, and purple bows with yellow flowers in the center as hair-holders.

Magical Abilities

Camilla earns her MagicPop

With her powers she is able to make herself or other Pixies invisible. This scares her archenemy Damien away when he bullied one of her friends.


  • Her name might derive from the plant Chamomile, "Camomila" in most Latin based languages, and its said to have calming agents.