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Canada is a country located in North America, Earth.


Canada is a country in North America located across the northern border of the United States, the country where Bloom's hometown of Gardenia is found.



Season 6

In "The Curse of Fearwood", the people of Fearwood were cursed by Selina to become Werewolves. They were sent by her to attack the Winx.

Later, Icy asks Selina to find a legend that she can portray to enter the Legendarium World and lock Flora and Helia in it. Icy then freezes Helia and kidnaps him.

In "The Magic Totem", Icy as the Snow Queen continues her chase with Flora. With Flora's special spell, she left the Legendarium World along with Helia and the Magic Totem. Later in the episode, she follows them into the real world and froze Fearwood over, but Flora uses one of her unique spells to reverse Icy's spell on Fearwood, on Helia and to defeat her.


  • The Werewolves:

    From the darkest times, comes the curse of Fearwood Forest, where mere and mortal men and women howled at the moon.