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Canta Con Noi 2 is an album soundtrack of fourth season and "Winx in Concert" songs that contains ten tracks. This album is only in Italian.


Listen to the new songs of the Winx that will accompany you to the discovery of the most hot singers of the moment, the most trendy video clips and the newest and most talented dancing... Let loose with the magical Winx music! Age of reading: 7 years.

Track Listing

Title Artist(s) Length
1 Segui Il Tuo Cuore (Follow Your Heart) Elisa Rosselli TBA
2 Mambochiwambo (The Chiwambo Song) Elisa Rosselli TBA
3 Vita da star (Life to star) Elisa Rosselli TBA
4 Reazione a Catena (Chain Reaction) Elisa Rosselli TBA
5 La Mia Canzone (My Song) Elisa Rosselli TBA
6 Magia di Winx (Magic of Winx) Elisa Rosselli TBA
7 Quando Sei Con Me (When You Are With Me) Elisa Rosselli TBA
8 Irraggiungibile (Unattainable) Elisa Rosselli TBA
9 La Magia di Winx Club (The Magic of Winx Club) Elisa Rosselli TBA
10 La Magia di Winx Club (Instrumentale) (The Magic of Winx Club (Instrumental)) TBA TBA
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